Wheelchair Lift for Stairs

Looking for Wheelchair Lift?

Our wheelchair lift is a device that enables wheelchair users to travel up and down stairs while remaining seated in their wheelchair. Wheelchair lifts are an ideal solution for those who cannot climb stairs due to mobility issues, allowing them to access different levels of a building with ease.

Our wheelchair lifts consists of a platform that can accommodate a wheelchair, a track or rail system that runs along the staircase, and a motor that powers the lift. The lift is operated by a control panel that is located on the platform and can be easily accessed by the user.

There are two main types of platform wheelchair lifts: straight and curved. Straight wheelchair lifts are designed for staircases that are straight and do not have any turns or curves. Curved platform lifts, on the other hand, are designed for staircases that have turns, curves, or landings.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How much do platform wheelchair stairlifts cost?

Platform wheelchair stairlifts can range in price from 700000 to 2000000 or more, its depending on factors uch as weight capacity, staircase type and additional features.

Can platform wheelchair stair lifts be installed on curved staircases?

Yes, there are platform wheelchair stairlifts available that can be installed on curved staircases.

Are platform wheelchair stairlifts safe?

Platform wheelchair stair lifts can be a safe and reliable solution for individuals with mobility impairments who need to navigate stairs in their homes or public spaces. These lifts are designed to securely carry both the wheelchair and its occupant up and down a flight of stairs, and are equipped with safety features such as sensors that detect obstacles on the stairway and emergency stop buttons.